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Pirate Glory

Pirates Have always inspired adventures after hidden treasures in distant islands. The genre is enjoying a gold and silver treasure hunt amd a fighting spirit within the world of sea.

Boo Game

Welcome to Boo's home. Boo loves players and gives free entry to see who will succeed in earning all that he has to offer. Come on in !

5 Hands Blackjack

5 Hand blackjack

American roulette

American roulette 38 positions on wheel with 0, 00

Flamenco Thrill

Spanish flamenco dance is a folk music tradition of southern Spain. the power of the dance gives a spectacular expeirence to the viewer

Gang spinners

The whole world has heard of them. A team of experts in their field. No one was able to see them or catch them in action. The big boss always knows how to get what he wants with the help of his tea...

Vikings legend

A well known genre of Vikings who were tough lypes that bacame a classic mythology

Genies magical lamp

Tales of a Thousand and One Nights are a classic. Legends tell of a place in the Far east that has wealth and treasures.

cash ranch

Welcome to uncle bob's farm! Between mountains and hills in wild fields there is one large farm that manages to get attention for its successes. Let's visit and help Bob the farmer to get the wealt...

euro roulette

The European roulette game objective is to successfully predict where will the ball land

In wheel of 37 numbers pockets

Placing a bet on the table pressing SPIN and the ball is thrown ...

BlackJack 21

Equally well known as Twenty-One. Most popular game in the casino. The object of the game is to create a hand with the value close to 21 than the dealers hand.

Lucky Red Head

Lets help our Irish leprechaun get his luck! Winning prizes are here to take !

Nova Fortune

An interstellar expedition was sent to explore mineral-rich stars. Thanks to Nova's discoveries you will be able to win a star full of treasures to take with you to your home planet

Sweet Mania

Fill your pockets with wonderful sweet richness. The candy machine is giving prizes for you to win. Come get them!

Riches of Egypt

In one of the pyramids there are ancient treasure that no one has found yet. Come win the gold and jewlery left by the ancient gods.

Freds Golden Path

Come join Fred's quest to discover a secret place no one has found yet. An old treasure map leading to cave of natual treasures awaits the first to arrive.

Ho-Ho-Ho Santa is home!

Reel Monsters

Keep the secret to yourself! Little monsters are waiting to be discovered with their prizes to give out.

Lucky potions

Deep in the enchanted forest there are fairies hiding their magical potions. Every potion brings its luck, waiting to be picked up!

Sevens Go Wild

Classic feel and flow displaying symbols common on slot machines. Vintage excitement with a contemporary new colorful digital style. Special icons such as : Blue Diamond symbol representing the bonus ...

The King and Queen are always figthing. They need to win their citizens trust.


The Kingdom must be restored. The King and Queen are always fighting to win the trust of their citizens. You will get into their private secret room of treasures, where you will find a treasure chest ...

Get it done

Your mission is to help the urban hero to clean the city from waste. Protect the environment by recycling waste materials. The symbols are carefully matched to the theme. High symbols are character...

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